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Share This Page. Thread Tools. Feb 14, 1. Messages: 1, My mother in law is scanning some family slides Kodachrome, of course , and I was surprised to see mounts with no date markings. Does anyone know when Kodak started automatically date marking slides?

Dating kodak slides

For me, shooting film has always been an important release from the time-pressured world of digital photography. These days it seems we have to constantly be on, shooting, downloading, editing, sharing, liking and subscribing. Film photography takes most of that away and leaves you alone with your best film camera to focus on taking photos.

They were all compilation lists from Flickr images. So I went on Amazon, spent hundreds of pounds and initially purchased 12 different rolls of film I have more on the way now.

and in some cases, where it was manufactured. Whenever practical, KODAK Motion Picture Films include manufacturing dates, latent image printed, usually.

It was at that time, the fastest colour film in the world. At this time Kodak Labs were processing , , , and formats. The first image ever taken of the Earth as seen from the Moon. In November of , Kodak released a special commemorative issue of 12 shots taken on the moon. It has improved colour reproduction with better separation of subtle hues of the same colour. Kodak ceases production of its other color reversal films, although stock remained, and they continued to produce chemicals. The film will be made available initially in 35mm, 36 exposure cassettes.

Sales of professional photographic films have been steadily rising over the last few years, with professionals and enthusiasts rediscovering the artistic control offered by manual processes and the creative satisfaction of a physical end product. You can support this goal by contributing your thoughts, work, experiences and ideas to inspire the hundreds of thousands of people who read these pages each month.

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This past summer I came into possession of my grandfather’s 15 Kodak photo slide trays. They were neatly boxed, though collecting dust, in the closet beneath the stairs at a family owned cabin in Grayling, Michigan. They had been there for at least a couple of decades. For some reason this was the summer I decided to pull them out and take a look.

Kodak/Eastman Kodak have put date codes on their motion picture films since The date codes are available on various websites. For 8mm products.

Probably a stupid question for the old salts, but here goes. I am scanning over 1, “Kodachrome Transparency” color positive slides that my late father shot years ago. Luckily he hand-numbered the slides in order shot, however, at the top of most of the slides in the white paper border there are date stamps, either in ink or actual impressions in the slides, e. What are these dates? Or are they slide expiration dates? Please help. I am trying to determine if I should append the date to the slide number after each scan.

Thanks chiue! Now one more question. Sometimes there is a “C” or a “D” after the year.. That I’m not sure, my slide have T2 or T1 eg. Jun 80T2, well, to me I don’t think it is any significance, as long as I know the month and year.

A brief history of… Kodak EKTACHROME film

This paper reflects on the challenges facing conservators dealing with the preservation and display of slide-based works in fine art collections following the discontinuation of the last remaining slide duplicating stock, Kodak Edupe, in March , and the imminent demise of this analog technology. This paper explores the strategies currently available to conservators and the rapidly decreasing timeframe in which action will need to be taken. There are moments in the history of conservation when objects are radically altered in order to preserve what was most valued at that time.

For example painted surfaces from panel paintings have in the past been stripped from their wooden support and re-adhered to canvas. The arguments justifying these decisions undoubtedly appeared compelling at the time, only to become highly controversial centuries later.

Posts about Kodak IN-5 proportional intensifier written by jamesmmcardle. meter and no time to expose the second sheet in the 8 x 10″ double dark slide. his knowledge of the luminance of the moon as a guide to place that on Zone VII.

We are thrilled to contribute to the APPO blog to talk about rare format slides. We scan a million slides a year at EverPresent and they are a fun and easy way to relive your old family trips and special occasions. Slides can be color or black-and-white. Slides are pieces of celluloid that are often framed in mounts made of cardboard or plastic. Most mounts are roughly two-inch squares, but you can tell different slide formats apart by the size of their actual images:.

You can use this chart to determine whether you have medium or large format. Developing slide film, however, requires a costly and complex series of chemical baths. Kodak introduced the format in for its Pocket Instamatic cameras pictured left.

Kodak 35 RF

When a film stock is produced which can contain many film rolls it is made to achieve certain sensibility or speed , a. Then it gets out of the factory and sent to the store for people to buy it. Now, the date the manufacturers use as the expiration date is the one they can assure the film to not have lost a lot of its sensibility and in a way to still be the one printed in the package.

Kodak’s film page is a good source of general information about their professional films. Name, Code, ISO, pdf, Date Slide film. E-6 film Black-​and-White Tips and Techniques for Darkroom Enthusiasts · O-3, 02/

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Lantern Slides

The above image was processed with Kodak Elite 50 — a consumer slide film with a cool color palette, but warm highlights. This example is Kodak Ektachrome 64, which was a favorite of professional photographers and used often by National Geographic. Despite having many different types and eras of analog film, the films in this pack generally show the following 3 characteristics:.

That’s all changed with the new KODAK SCANZA film scanner Rather than relying on troublesome and often out-of-date scanning For slides, I grabbed the proper adapter and slid it into the proper slot on the bottom of the unit. type, the LCD brightness, film tray (which provides a built-in guide to which.

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